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The Sprues and Brews Podcast

A UK-based tabletop gaming community bringing you news, projects, videos and reports!

Nov 13, 2017

Episode Two is here!

Jason once again joins Dave and Matt as they discuss the following topics:

- Necromunda is now up for preorder. Old favourites and new gangs are rumoured.

- Shadespire Update. Dave chats about the Sephurcial Guard now that he has had a few games, while Jason gives his impressions now he has had a game with the Stormcast.

- Blood Angels/Dark Angels/ Chaos Daemons. We now know the next three incoming 40,000 codexes.

- We chat about the upcoming scenery and army bundles ready for Christmas.

- The rumour mill keeps on turning with regards to next years Age of Sigmar campaign.

- Shout Outs! A massive thank you to everyone who listened to our first podcast. We've give a shout out to people from the community who have left us feedback on the podcast and on our videos!

- What is your favourite Sprue and Brew? We discuss our picks!

We hope you enjoy the show! As always if you would like to comment on any of our topics head to or alternatively tweet to us, @spruesandbrews or search for us on Facebook.

Until next time!