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The Sprues and Brews Podcast

A UK-based tabletop gaming community bringing you news, projects, videos and reports!

Oct 29, 2017

Hello one and all!

So here it is, our first proper podcast! We are all very excited to be releasing this, as we hope this will be the start of a awesome side project to website!

Dave, Matt and Jason discuss the following subjects on the show:

- The release of Shapespire

- The New Eldar Codex

- Necromunda Incoming!

- Iron Kingdoms on Humble Bundle

- Hawk Games/TT Combat: The future for Dropfleet Commander

- Progress on the armies as we prepare for Warhammer World!

If you have any comments on the show please feel free to contact us. Either tweet to us, @spruesandbrews, head onto our Facebook page, or comment on this page!

We really hope you enjoy the show!